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22 Jun 2017 - 08:03:10

Snatch straps are essential as recovery gear

Part of the off road experience which is the most fun is getting stuck but un-sticking yourself can be just as fun if not more fun autel maxisys ms906. An essential piece of kit for your recovery package is a snatch strap. A snatch strap is a fantastic piece of kit. Not only does it do the job of a tow rope it actually goes one step further as it works in the same way as a bungee rope Autel MaxiSys Pro. Why do you need a tow rope that is like a bungee rope you may ask? Well it is quite simple. Should your 4x4 ever get stuck in sand or even worse mud, then a snatch strap is your life saver. Manufactured from webbing it has the capability of stretching up to 20% whilst pulling the load.

So you get stuck in the mud and need to get un-stuck, how do you use the Snatch strap? Easy, one end of the strap is attached to a recovery point on the back of your 4x4, usually a tow bar or recovery loop on the chassis.

The strap needs to be laid out in the shape of an 'S' on the ground and then the other end attached to the vehicle doing your recovery. Again attach to recovery point on the second vehicle. So everything is prepared, next step. The recovery vehicle will drive off whilst at the same time the snatch strap stretches to a point where the force is so strong your stuck vehicle will be pulled from the muddy bog.

When selecting snatch straps it is not just a case of buying the first one that you see. It is imperative you purchase the correctly rated snatch strap. If the strap's breaking strength is 'too light' then it is prone to break under the load. On the other hand a strap that has a 'too heavy' breaking strength will not stretch properly causing more stress to the recovery points resulting in damage or injury.

To determine the correct minimum breaking strength of the strap the formula used is it should be between 2 and 3 times the gross vehicle mass of the lighter of the two vehicles used in the recovery process. Never attempt to recover the vehicle without the correct equipment and only use industry standard equipment that is properly rated.

You may be thinking "I will never get stuck in mud". If you own a 4x4 then at some point your vehicle will get stuck in mud and having this strap will be your saviour as they have totally revolutionised 4x4 recoveries.

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