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15 Aoû 2017 - 03:49:50

Things to Remember During the Auto Transport Process

Transportation of your vehicles is one of the most tedious tasks. As the transportation of your vehicles usually takes via the sea route it is essential to remember that the auto transport companies will not be able to provide a reliable pickup and drop delivery time. So it is good if you remember that there would be slight deviations from the date which are specified from the dates which are given from the auto transport companies. These problems could arise from the unforeseen changes or traffic problems. My tip to you is that when you are dealing with the auto transport companies is that you need to possess the two P's viz: patience and preparation. If you have acquired these two P's then I can assure you that you would definitely have a good and memorable experience with the auto transport companies. Itis essential and very important for you to remember that you need to have a proof of every transaction you are dealing with the car transport companies Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS. For example consider the example in the start most of the auto transport companies ask for 25- 50% of the total amount as advance, it is essential that you keep a proof of that record, incase you are making a payment by the credit card then this in itself is self sustaining Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. It is always essential that you keep an evidence of the record so as to avoid the grievances in the later stage.

Vehicle pickup time

It is very much essential that before you make a complete check of your vehicle before you give in the vehicle for delivery at its destination to the auto transport company. Before you give the possession of our vehicle do ensure the potential damages of your vehicle, so that you could be in a good position to ascertain your vehicle's damages in the future after it has reached its destination. Check for damages like scratches, dents and the dings. Take the picture of your vehicle from the different angles and also keep the photos dated. These photos will act as a good record for the future evidence and they will tell the actual condition of the vehicle at the time before the handling of the vehicle to the auto transport Autel MaxiCOM MK808. Ensure the auto transporter's drivers also make a note of the pre existing damage. These notes made by the driver would act as two way damage about the pre existing damage of the vehicle. It is essential that you ask the driver about the last minute changes in the transportation process and ensure that the driver has a note of your contact details.

Vehicle delivery

At the delivery time of the vehicle the driver or either the company's representative to cross verify the existing damages of the vehicle with the pre existing damages. It is important you or your representative should be present at the time of the post inspection. On the delivery time you will also have to pay for the balance of your payment.

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