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03 Nov 2017 - 03:01:54

UK Vauxhall Dealerships and the Motability Scheme

It's nice to see car dealers buying into the good side of the UK benefits culture. Vauxhall dealerships taking part in the Motability scheme, a countrywide initiative focused on translating the Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowances into new, reliable vehicles for those who need them most, are helping to spread the good spirit all over the British Isles - particularly in the cases of family run dealerships like the excellent Dickens Group, which has been selling Vauxhall vehicles to satisfied customers for years.

Perhaps it's no surprise that a trusted family business with a reputation for customer satisfaction has accepted the offer to become one of the country's Vauxhall dealerships that supply the Motability cars. The scheme, after all, is about as satisfying to its customers as it's possible to get. People eligible for the Motability scheme may purchase a brand new Vauxhall from any Dickens Group location without spending a penny - their Higher Rate Mobility Component, in the case of customers who receive the Disability Living Allowance; or their Mobility Supplement, in the case of War Pensioners, takes care of the payments. Even servicing, MOT and insurance are provided for: the only things these satisfied customers pay for are oil and fuel.

Personal concerns are often selected to become Vauxhall dealerships based on their record for customer satisfaction: it ill behoves a major car manufacturer, after all, to align its name with outfits or businesses that don't fit the bill. Family groups like the Dickens Group are prime candidates for successful Vauxhall dealing: their face, as it were, fits, and they can happily transfer their already satisfied customer base (many of whom were probably buying Vauxhall already) to the stewardship of the name. Certainly, the success of franchised Vauxhall dealerships that carry the Motability badge has been singularly assured over the last few years - indeed, one might suggest that charity, beginning in these forecourt homes, has paid off both ways. The Motability scheme, after all, keeps cars selling even through times of recession because it's not technically the customer who is paying for the car. And so Vauxhall, and its family dealers, are able to shift a respectable quantity of new vehicles while most of the rest of the industry languishes in the doldrums and waits for things to get better Autel MaxiTPMS PAD.

The reputation of the make doesn't hurt in these circumstances either. Vauxhall has always had an eye for the reliable, and in times of recession it seems that the only vehicles constantly being bought are those coming from family oriented companies (selling, as noted, on family oriented forecourts). Vauxhall dealerships, which built their names in the boom years by supplying quality sensible motors for families of all sizes, and even the odd reasonably priced mid life crisis machine, have carried on regardless while a lot of their competitors have reported record stagnation and project worrying times ahead.

Whether the continued success of Vauxhall and its dealers is due to the excellent basic nature of its vehicles, or whether a heavy involvement in the Motability cause really has paid off, is anyone's guess Autel MaxiDiag MD808. The facts remain the same. Vauxhall dealerships are going strong - and Motability customers are better off for it.

Dickens group is a good place to search for new and used cars in the UK. The success of franchised Vauxhall dealerships that carry the Motability badge has been singularly assured over the last few years. For more information please visit

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