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26 Avr 2018 - 03:01:03

Ways To Boost Your Car’S Horsepower

A lot of vehicle manufacturers are frequently anxious to improve their product’s gas mileage and keep the cost of maintenances low Autel MaxiSys Pro, rather than maximizing the vehicle’s performance. Here are some ways to boost your car’s horsepower and bring out the racer in it autel maxisys ms906.

Easy Air Intake
Air resistance can steal the power off from your car’s engine as the piston moves downward in the intake stroke. Some of the new cars nowadays are using refined intake manifolds to rule out the air-resistance. One way to

One way of giving letting your auto have an easy air intake would be to upgrade your old air filter to a free-flow aftermarket air filter. Having debilitated intake piping and bigger air filters can help improve the airflow as well.

Exhaust Cat-Back
The engine’s power is lost if the back-pressure makes it hard for exhaust gas to exit a cylinder. Back-pressure can happen if your muffler has a lot of air-resistance or the exhaust pipe is too small. To prevent this from happening, you should cat-back on your exhaust. This means that the pipes from the catalyst in the exhaust tubing should be straightened to the car’s bumper. This will help loosen up the whole system and pushing the exhaust gas becomes easier. Some of the high-performance exhaust systems use big tail-pipes, free-flowing mufflers, and headers to cut out the back-pressure in the exhaust system.

Replace The Cams and Heads
A lot of stock engines only have one intake valve or exhaust valve. By purchasing a new head that consists of four valves per cylinder, you will efficiently improve the airflow of your engine and your car’s power. Performance cams can also make a big improvement.

Computer Chips
At times, a car’s performance can be altered by changing its ECU or engine unit control’s ROM chip. The ECU controls a lot of the engine’s aspects such as ignition timing and fuel delivery, and a lot of factory ECUs are programmed for a more excellent fuel economy. On the other hand, performance chips bought on aftermarket are made to maximize your auto’s output.

Use Lightweight Parts
For a better performance, lightweight parts for your engine are recommended. This is important because every time a piston changes its direction, it consumes a lot of energy just to stop the travel in one direction and start in another. Thus, the lighter the piston is, the lower energy intake. Light parts can also let your engine rev up faster, giving your vehicle more HP.

Upgrade Tires
Some tire tweaks can help in increasing your car’s HP. This can be done by having a more aggressive tire alignment. Select the toe-in that the manufacturers indicate so that your tires are pointing straight ahead for a more straight-lined speed. Replace your old regular tires into a set of new and shorter carbon-fiber wheels to enhance acceleration.

Give these tips a try to boost your car’s horsepower and it would be best done with professional supervision. Just keep in mind that with modifications such as these, high-octane fuel is needed to avoid any misfiring in your engine’s pistons. For other tips, you can research them online.

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